One of the most insanely fun movies to come out this year is Jason Howden’s ‘Deathgasm’ which recently hit VOD.  To whet your appetite for this blood drenched love letter to rock ‘n’ roll, we had a chat with director Jason Howden about his new horror disasterpiece, ‘Deathgasm’!!!

Deathgasm is a balls-to-the-wall , OTT [over-the-top] Heavy Metal splatstick horror-comedy! Just imagine if you took a baby, got it really stoned, made it listen to Slayer on repeat, while an endless stream of gore movies played on an old VHS player, feeding it only burgers, coffee, and whiskey. Then after a couple of decades, it would end up creating DEATHGASM.
So the title actually dates back to around 2010. I wanted to do a project with a makeup friend of mine, Tim Wells. So I came up with this idea for a really fucked-up, Troma-style splatter flick called “DEATHGASM PART XXIX: INTESTICIDAL”. It was going to be a movie series, but we start from part XXIX for some crazy reason.

Then when the ‘Make My Horror’ competition came around, I revisited the splatter idea, but decided to put Metalhead characters in, which changed everything. The cool thing was, Tim Wells ended up doing gore FX for the movie.

I guess the big influences would be the Troma movies, Stuart Gordon, Night Of The Demons, and of course Trick Or Treat, the greatest Heavy Metal Horror movie ever made! But there are little nods and references to all sorts of films, Raging Bull, Slumber Party Massacre 2, The Goonies.
Milo was in the first round of auditions and was instantly my favorite for Brodie. He embodied the character so well, and understood the arc. And he had great comic timing. Kimberley Crossman was totally amazing, she was living in LA but sent a video audition that just blew everyone away. James Blake was the hardest to find but I managed to stalk him on Facebook and get him to Auckland. Zakk has been a divisive character, but James nailed him like no one else could. He was perfect.
Through some contacts, we approached Roger Murray at the SPX Company Main Reactor. They had a bunch of leftover body parts and appliance makeup from various projects, and were kind enough to open up their hearts, and their storage container to us. Team Deathgasm is all about recycling.

We used 80 litres of blood, which is a good amount of life-juice on camera. But Peter Jackson’s splatter masterpiece Braindead (Dead Alive) used 300 litres, so I’m still aiming to top that high-score. Maybe then he will start making splatter-comedies again! We had a great blood and gore team. Tim Wells and Storm Mccracken went all out to try and get as much grue on-screen, and they did an awesome job.

I’m a digital compositor, and I have worked on films such as The Avengers, Wolverine, Prometheus, and all three Hobbit movies. I love VFX, but horror is an organic art form, so we tried to go practical as much as possible.
I want to try making a scary, serious horror thriller, but comedy and campy stuff is so much fun. I wouldn’t mind if I got typecast as a horror comedy director. I have a really awesome action comedy script in development.
I received a grant from the Writers Guild of New Zealand to write Deathgasm 2, so if people enjoy the first movie there may be a sequel! I actually have a trilogy in mind, and possibly a comic book series.

We really need people to go out there and support Deathgasm to make it happen.  We need people to go out there and watch it in cinemas and VOD; buy some shirts or DVDs, just to show the people with money that there is a demand for more Heavy Metal horror. Otherwise, you are dooming us all to a world of arty wankfests and Oscar bait. Viva indie horror!

You MUST see ‘Deathgasm’.  For confirmation, see our really positive review here and make sure you support the film at their official website,!!!

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