Monday, Transference was introduced to the world at Ubisoft’s panel at E3. Ubisoft partnered with Elijah Wood’s production company, Spectrevision, to work on this upcoming eerie and unsettling game where you, as a player, get to invade other people’s memories. The premise of the game is rather vague at the moment but according to IGN.comTransference explores the idea of exploring digital reconstructions of a person’s memory in first-person, as the player solves puzzles in environments recreating and mixing a stranger’s memories.”

Transference will be a game to be enjoyed on VR devices but fingers crossed it’ll be also available for regular TV for us less fortunate folks. There is no set release date just yet, but Ubisoft is aiming to release Transference Spring 2018.

Still feeling lost as to what the hell this game is about? Don’t worry maybe this very small trailer will help you get a better idea.