After a successful launch of the El Rey Network and the distribution of its flagship show to Netflix and across the horrorsphere, Robert Rodriguez returns for the second season of his adaptation of his From Dusk Till Dawn mythos.

According to Fangoria, the second season will veer wildly from what we’re used to if you have seen the classic film from Tarantino and Rodriguez. The premier episode will be directed by Rodriguez, but other directors are slated to participate like Aduwardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), Alejandro Brugues (Juan of the Dead), and Dwight Little (Halloween 4).

Expect to see Wilmer Valderrama (That Seventies Show), D.J. Cotrona (G.I. Joe, Venom), Fangoria Chainsaw Award nominee Zane Holt (Vampires Suck), Eliza Gonzalez and Jese Garcia (Avengers) return.

… the show, which will excitingly branch off from the familiar storyline as seen in the movie and the show’s first season. As a matter of fact, the new season will start with all of the characters in their separate worlds, reeling in the aftermath of the bloody finale. They won’t be separate for long, however, because an even bigger evil awaits, forcing them to battle together once again.

According to Rodriguez, “It’s great to be back for season two with the amazing cast and crew. We continue to push our story and characters into unexpected directions at a time when El Rey Network has greatly increased its distribution with six of the top eight distributors, We are also thrilled to expand our partnership with Miramax, which, based on the successful launch of the first season, has taken on a larger role in production this season and will be the lead studio on any future seasons.”

from dusk till dawn poster


Source: Fangoria