When your fans are Daft Punk, you're doing something right.

The very stylish five-piece band PARCELS recently released a Home Invasion-inspired video that’s making waves for its clever use of our favorite genre: Horror.

Now based in Berlin, this Australian band has an eighties-era sound that’s a poppy, discotheque blend of airy vocals with a dancing beat. A cross of KC & The Sunshine Band meets modern-day Supertramp. Basically, it’s the kind of music you’re more likely to hear on a sunny day with the top down, not in a blood-soaked horror story. But maybe that’s the point with the video for their new single, Withorwithout.

The video is directed by Skier-turned-Ballet Dancer-turned Director, Benjamin Howdeshell. Keep your eye on this guy. He has a strong resume of national commercials and is even working on an original Ridley Scott-sanctioned short film set in the world of ALIEN. The short will be released in 2019 in celebration of the film’s 40th Anniversary.

The video for Withorwithout stars none other than Milla Jovovich (RESIDENT EVIL) as a wife whose idyllic home-life and marriage is viciously shattered by a gang of homicidal masked killers (played by the band themselves). There’s a twist at the end that makes for some devilish fun, so needless to say do yourself a favor and set aside seven minutes and give this tune a watch.

PARCELS new album hit airwaves this past October. If you chose to give it a listen, maybe make sure to lock your doors.