I promise I tried, but no headline does Tom Botchii’s feature debut any justice. ARTIK is a dark hybrid, action-horror-thriller that centers around a family-run sunflower farm where comic-book obsessed serial killer Artik (Jerry G. Angelo), his life partner Flin (Lauren Ashley Carter), and their family of foster kids are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero. Until Holton (Chase Williamson), an Al-Anon attending straight edge, punk purist, comes between them.

It’s certainly a setup that I’ve never seen before. And that, matched with brilliant cinematography and indie genre mainstays like Lauren Ashley Carter and Matt Mercer, is enough to have me bursting at the seams to check this thing out.

Luckily, it doesn’t look like we have much longer to wait. ARTIK is dropping this summer, so get ready! Until then, check out the fantastic debut trailer below:

Plot Synopsis:

In rural farm country, a comic book obsessed serial killer clashes with a straight edge purist over a young boy’s fate.