SXSW is crowded this year with more than a few fantastic looking genre vehicles.  One is the enticing yet mysterious Excess Flesh, directed by Patrick Kennelly and starring Bethany Orr and Mary Loveless.  Even though there isn’t much information about the film out there yet, we here at Modern Horrors are pretty excited after viewing the crazy looking trailer which we reported on here.  Here to give us a little insight on Excess Flesh and her career in general is the lead of the film, Bethany Orr.

Excess Flesh is about two young women living together in Los Angeles who have an inseparable bond but are polar opposites, one’s hot and trendy and the other’s floundering and awkward… They both have ugly pasts, and as that information comes out the shit hits the fan and it gets reeeaal messy in a “this town isn’t big enough for the both of us” kind of way.

No, I actually can’t! But you’re right, it’s not your typical fare. There’s plenty terrifying about it, but… let’s just say people who go in expecting straight horror are going to get it in ways they don’t expect. Like from food.
Oh, man. Jill was a dream role for me. She’s brutally flawed, childlike, desperate. Sure, some might call it violent, impulsive or crazy. But to me she’s an unlikely hero, someone who does what she’s gotta do to survive… the city, her roommate, and herself. I’m being completely serious.
Patrick Kennelly found me through his casting director Nicki Katz. When I read the script before the first audition I was like, whoa, this is for me. Luckily they agreed. But yeah, I felt very strongly about it right away, like this character had been written for me – even though Patrick and his co-writer Sigrid Gilmer didn’t know me from Eve. Although they’d been casting for months at that point, the whole process for me was relatively short, like a week. Which is pretty unusual.
Sure. You may’ve seen my mug on CBS a couple times (Criminal Minds, Stalker) or on the internets (Funny or Die, youtube, Vimeo, alla that). This is my first big indie film role, so I’m pretty excited.
I moved to Los Angeles probably at the worst time anyone ever could, during the writer’s strike. The whole industry was shut down. It took years to recover. And here I was, this fresh little thing pounding the pavement looking for work that wasn’t there. So I created it. I didn’t go to film school (I was actually pre-med), but I’m a really good learner. Anytime I had the opportunity to be on anyone else’s set I soaked up everything I could. It took awhile but I taught myself screenwriting from reading a lot of really good scripts. Producing was a necessity. And directing… well, that was an accident. A happy one.
It’s in tandem freefall with me, humor and pain. I hope people get a kick out of the messy platter Excess Flesh serves up in that way… there are opportunities to find yourself amused, disturbed, titillated and repulsed all over the course of like 15 seconds. But that’s what it is to be human, it’s disorienting and dirty. Nothing’s fixed
If you’re curious and don’t mind being uncomfortable you’re more likely to dig what I do. Which is why horror fans are my favorite audience. I like it when a creative work is unsettling, makes me feel something new or even question who I thought I was when I pressed play. Honestly a lot of people are more interested in vacating for two hours in a cool dark room than actually being challenged. Those kind of people might be frustrated with my work. But I’m allergic to stories with morals, I don’t like being beaten over the head with happy endings.
Yes! I’m putting together my first feature right now. It’s a thriller that will be shot in my home state of Colorado.
I’m really into Fabrice Du Welz right now, I would love to work with him. And I can’t wait to see what Patrick Kennelly does next as director, no one sees the world quite like he does. Henry Fonda is my favorite actor. Snooki is a close second.
I want to shoot this old unproduced Charlie Kaufman pilot I dug up and send it to him.
The movie’s premiering at SXSW in Austin this week and it’ll be playing other festivals. Definitely coming your way soon in one form or another. Best way to keep up on this is to follow me and/or the movie on twitter! @beloveorr @excessflesh
To be honest I don’t watch a whole lot of scary movies. I get my horror fix from reality TV.
Under the Skin, Babadook, and Leviathan.
Some butter. Rainbow sprinkles. And blood spatter.


Excess Flesh plays in the midnight series at SXSW starting Friday, March 13.  You can get the details here.  Also, make sure you watch Bethany’s directorial efforts, Winner and Agorable at her website,  I watched both and they are hilarious, well produced and mighty entertaining.  If you haven’t seen the trailer for Excess Flesh yet, check it out below and keep it tuned here for more information as it becomes available.

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