We caught the trailer to a fantastic looking horror/thriller, The Eve recently and immediately were intrigued.  The trailer looks suspenseful and promises some great performances and chilling moments.  I got to sit down with director Ritchie Filippi recently and discuss the origins of the film, his experiences working with industry legends and his horror passions.


The Eve is about a group of friends that have grown apart. When they come together and try to mend bridges, something horrible happens. Something is lurking in the shadows. They have to put the past behind them and band together to survive until dawn-which is easier said than done.
Al Thompson is a complete professional. He has a raw energy that lights up on the screen. His character, Scott, has that same quality. When he walks into a room, people listen.

Miranda Noelle Wilson took the role of Lacey to the next level. She added layers that were unexpected to a character that could have otherwise blended into the background.

Maria DiDomenico is Jenn, who was the character I could most relate to from the beginning. She is the kind of friend you want with you when things go bad.

Evan Bass, who wrote and produced the movie, portrays Harrison. He is a character that has the best intentions, but handles things very poorly.

Funny enough, I didn’t find them… they found me. The movie had already been cast when Evan and Angel Acevedo (producer) approached me to direct. So from the moment I got the script, I went in picturing them in the roles and it just clicked. I never saw these characters as anyone else.

The Eve is a throwback horror/thriller. We didn’t want to rely on jump scares or excessive gore, so we set out to make a movie that would showcase how normal people would react to this horrible situation. Normal people that remind you of your friends and family. People that you’d like to see make it through.
It was amazing. The Chain NYC Film Festival is a festival with a true independent spirit. They love movies and do everything they can to support independent film. We filled the room to capacity for our premiere. Demand was so high, that the festival added a second screening, which we also filled.

Being awarded the Audience Award from the festival was a true joy. You work so hard for so long, and you never truly know how a movie is going to be received until that first screening. It was the best possible experience for me personally, and I think for the film as a whole.

I have pitched an idea to Evan for a sequel. I jokingly call it “Buckets of Blood.”

How much time do you have? Fincher’s Zodiac was the first big budget set I worked on. Long days. Hard work. A lot of takes. His drive for perfection is something you have to witness to believe. It makes you as a filmmaker want to work harder on set, then go home, write and create.

Watching Spielberg direct Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones was just surreal. Saying it was a dream come true doesn’t even scratch the surface of how amazing it was.

I could chew your ear off for hours on this one. While we had some big names like Trejo, Roberts, and David Batista, L.A. Slasher was a true independent film. We were flying by the seat of our pants and every day came with a mixed bag of challenges and accomplishments. Ultimately, the film ended up as a visually stunning experimental slasher flick. I’m very proud of the time and work we put into it.
Night of the Living Dead, Scream, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Army of Darkness, and North by Northwest are the movies that I would play on repeat as a kid. Each one has influenced me and helped shape my style and storytelling in a different way.

The Eve was very much inspired by Alfred Hitchcock movies. The idea of the world being its own character, with the fear of what is off screen or lurking in the shadows creating tension. We pay homage to the master of suspense throughout the movie.

There are too many to count. Psycho. Jaws. The Scream series has always held a special place in my heart. When it comes to monster/slasher movies I was always in the Friday the 13th camp (pun intended). Jason Voorhees was a big, very scary, nearly unstoppable killing machine. In my mind he could easily take out Michael Myers and the killers from most other movies. The bad guy that can destroy other really bad guys? That is scary to me.
Funny enough I have pitched an idea to Evan for a sequel. I jokingly call it “Buckets of Blood.” I’d want to explore the world of The Eve in a completely different way. So while The Eve is as much of a thriller as it is a horror movie, where we play with shadows, and the bad guy is lurking off screen. To be interesting for me, I’d want to go full horror with a slasher style bad guy. And we would need a lot more fake blood.
I’m in the very early stages of development on a time travel noir. It is a story that I’ve had in my head for over a decade, but I’m just starting to really put it on paper. I still have a long way to go on it, but I hope to shoot it in a few years.
I’m proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with Indie Rights and The Eve will be released worldwide through VOD on April 24th, 2015.


There you have it.  While the Eve may not be as gory or horrifying as some other genre fare we cover here, it DOES look good.  And with Filippi’s passion for classic horror I can only hope we’ll get something more meaty in the future.  Check out the Trailer below and let us know what you think of The Eve.