Fans spoke. LORE listened.

Season two of LORE, the popular podcast-turned-television show, starts tomorrow on Amazon. For the unfamiliar, LORE is a six-episode series that examines grisly, spooky and ultimately very true events from human history.

Season one was met with acclaim, but many fans wrote in asking for changes. Well, the producers listened and now the series will focus on one story each episode with actors diving deep into the strange and devilish real-life characters they’re portraying, with some solid talent ready for the task.

This time around, the performers includes HELLRAISER‘s Doug Bradley, Thomas Kretschmann (KING KONG), Jürgen Prochnow (DAS BOOT, DUNE) and Alicia Witt (URBAN LEGEND).

This season’s new stories will examine such dark favorites as 16th Century serial killer Elizabeth Bathory, some untold mysteries of The Black Plague, and the grave-robbing team of Burke and Hare, who sold the bodies of their victims to a local Doctor for his anatomy class. Talk about Teacher’s Pet.

Showrunner Sean Crouch from FOX’s THE EXORCIST has joined the production team, which includes Gale Anne Hurd and original podcast creator Aaron Mahnke. With these changes to the series format, the producers have promised a “tighter, and much scarier product”. I, for one, hope they’re right.

LORE season two premieres tomorrow on Amazon Prime.

LORE Season Two