Fear Clinic is a ride, that’s for sure . From gunmen to spider infected boils to just all out confusion. Robert Englund is still the man, though. Just let that be known. So much of Fear Clinic wanted to be good, i just felt like for every positive moment, there were two negatives to bring it down. I wanted to love it… I just couldn’t.

It was interesting to see Robert Englund as Dr. Andover. Typically known as a poster boy of fear, I found myself more interested in him than anything else the film had to offer. He was solid, but I am almost speechless on what to say about the rest of the film, so bare with me.

Don’t get me wrong, Fear Clinic is far from the worst movie you’ll ever see, but it’s pretty far from what I think we were all expecting. The characters are decent. Just about every one of them added a little bit of something special in order to balance out the story. Fiona Dourif was certainly a highlight of the cast, but even Slipknot front man Corey Taylor held his own for the majority of the film.Unfortunately, this couldn’t be said for everyone. One secondary female character in specific was definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum. All in all – decent performances turned in by all involved.

We start things off by jumping right into the middle of one of Dr. Andover’s “Fear Sessions” and from that moment forward… I just felt kind of lost. You start to get into it and then you get side tracked by a time-jump and some filler. We slowly start getting introduced to the victims of what feels like “story line A.” Now, this was slow. Too slow. It was a nice way to assemble everyone together though. .

Now since I said “story line A,” let’s mention “story line B” This is where everything started falling apart. Dr. Andover and “The Fear” were almost in their own world. Yeah, that’s what they were going for, but the way they went about it was just fucking confusing. I didn’t know what I should be paying attention to. There were several unexplained moments. There was some kind of “Fear cocoon” (that had a fear monster?) and it stole some kind of orb from Dr. Andover….then it steels his face? All the while you finally get a glimpse into “story line A” whereeverything else is going on. Sound slightly convoluted? It is.

I’ll leave you with this. Watch Fear Clinic….or don’t. It has some real potential. Unfortunately, it just couldn’t live up to any of it. I’m glad I watched it and I feel like maybe a second trip to the Fear Clinic is needed to answer all of the questions you are left with. Nothing had clarity…or purpose. And that’s plain sad.