If you are terrified of hospitals then you might want to stay away from Root of Insanity. Released by Crania Games, Root of Insanity is a first and third person horror survival game that will take you through the hellish epileptic episode of Dr. Riley at August Valentine Hospital.

The game begins with Dr. Riley at his desk when he hears a woman screaming. Unable to find his pills, Riley begins to have a minor attack. He then finds himself walking through the infernal halls of the hospital. Your mission: to find his pills while surviving strange and terrifying occurrences.

In this new trailer, you get a glimpse into the gameplay and get a taste of what awaits in the hospital.

Root of Insanity is set to release in January on Windows and MacOS. You can find out more info here. Also, with just a click you can help these folks get their game on Steam here.