I’ll be honest: there’s a lot about the trailer for Dreamcatcher that isn’t doing it for me. But if I’m being even more honest, I’ll watch just about anything that appears to be a slasher with a reasonable budget.

Writer/director Jacob Johnston says that Dreamcatcher began with a love of classic literature and 90s ensemble horror. And when looked at through that lens, I’ll be the first to admit that Dreamcatcher suddenly becomes more exciting. After all, a slasher flick where the killer is wearing a DJ mask is something that absolutely reeks of 90s horror–in the best way possible, of course.

But if you’re going in (like me) expecting a full blown slasher, it might be time to reset expectations. Johnston continues by saying “Yes, there’s a masked killer whodunit element. Yes, there are slasher-adjacent kill scene set pieces. But, when you peel away the layers of these characters, whether they’re on the chopping block or not, you will see Dreamcatcher is much more. Sometimes a satirical, social commentary, sometimes a gripping dramatic love story, oftentimes a frightening thrill ride — the film, like the personality of the ensemble, evolves as the story unfolds.”

I’m excited to see more, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that those slasher elements rise to the surface  in an exciting way. Samuel Goldwyn Films will release Dreamcatcher  on digital and On Demand March 5th, 2021. 

Dylan, known to his fans as DJ Dreamcatcher, is on the brink of global stardom. Everything changes the night of Cataclysm, an underground music festival, where two estranged sisters and their friends meet Dylan. After a drug fueled gruesome event, things begin to spiral into a 48-hour whirlwind of violence and mayhem.