Another day, another remake. This time though the film on the cloning block might actually benefit from it. Vincenzo Natali’s cult classic canadian chiller Cube is set for a remake from Lionsgate. Famous for many things (not the least of which is one of the coolest opening deaths from Julian Richings) Cube is a film that has room for improvement. The acting is more than a little shaky and although Natali worked wonders with the budget, the film does look quite small.

Lionsgate has always been friendly towards horror fans and pretty much made it’s mint on the genre so it’s a hopeful sign that they’re the ones in charge of the film. Right now newcomer Saman Kesh is attached to fill the director’s chair and Phill Gawthorne is set to write it. While neither has a ton of experience in Hollywood yet, that’s par for the course with Horror. Don’t worry we’ll break em in.

Seven complete strangers of widely varying personalities are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze containing deadly traps.

cube poster