Horror remakes generally aren’t very good. If there was ever an exception to that rule – I’d have to say it’s the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot. Reviews were mixed within the community, but I was thrilled with it’s execution. Fans of the series have been wondering what will become of Mr. Voorhees. After all, the 2009 film brought in $91 Million worldwide on a budget of about $19 Million. It’s clear that the man with the machete is still a box office draw.

Rumor has it that Platinum Dunes may lose the rights to the franchise at the end of 2015. Meaning if they want to cash in one last time – they better get busy. That isn’t a lot of time to release a big budget film. However, sources claim that a Found Footage approach with David Bruckner at the helm  is strongly being considered. Now usually, I’d grab a pitchfork and molotov and join the angry mob that will inevitably form if this news is confirmed…. but i think this is wonderful.

Found Footage films are getting tiresome because we are seeing the same scenarios and stories over and over. For something like Friday the 13th, this is the one thing we HAVEN’T seen from the series. This could be a huge success if done right, and I’m sure they could get it done for a lot less than $19 Million. I want to see this happen. Let it be, horror gods.