The last time we talked about FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME was back in January of this year when the game received a massive update. Since then, things have been pretty quiet. That’s because the creators at Gun Media have been working on another massive – and free – update to the game that’s adding a host of new and updated elements. The biggest news is the addition of single player challenges.

The challenges allow players to take control of Jason through a storyline of pre-set objectives killing off counselors in some very creative ways. You can see the trailer below of just some of the cool kills you can do. You get to stalk your prey, get it alone, and kill them, which sounds like nothing short of a blast.

In addition to the single-player challenges, the game is getting a host of other updates that include a new counselor – Victoria – a rebalanced Jason 7, weapon selecting for Jason, AI improvements, and much more. The developers have been working on upgrading the game’s underlying engine, but it’s unclear if that will also be included in the update. In the first-look video (also below) of the upgrade game engine, Gun Media says it will come with the next game update – so fingers crossed.

In a world where game developers nickel-and-dime gamers for every little thing, it’s still refreshing to see Gun Media dolling out free update after free update that not only fixes bugs but adds more awesome content as well. FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME is not a perfect game, but it’s certainly made with love and dedication to the film franchise – and it’s a helluva lot of fun picking off counselors.

The update hits all platforms May 24. Happy hunting.