Sam Raimi revolutionized the face of independent film-making thirty-five years ago with the premiere of THE EVIL DEAD. Now our friends at Fright-Rags are commemorating the influential horror classic with an officially-licensed collection of merchandise dedicate to the ultimate experience in grueling terror.

 “The Evil Dead holds a special place in my heart. When Tim, my childhood friend and now shipping manager– and I rented it one fateful night, we didn’t know what we were in for. It scared the ever-living shit out of us. Truly, it is an example of how good a movie can be when made for next to nothing. To this day, it remains among my top favorites, and I’m happy to say that, I no longer have to cover my eyes when watching it — Fright-Rags founder Ben Scrivens”

A line of shirts designed by Justin Osbourn, Christopher Franchi, Coki Greenway, Christopher Lovell, and Scarecrowoven features everything fans love about THE EVIL DEAD: Bruce Campbell as Ash, the Necronomicon, deadites, the cabin, ominous woods, and pure mayhem. Each design is available on unisex or girls shirts while Osbourn’s art also comes on a baseball tee. The film’s iconic poster art is also available on a blue heathered shirt. Custom-knit crew socks designed Joe Guy Allard include a pattern of cabins and chainsaws. Franchi’s artwork can also be purchased on an 11×17 poster.

For your, THE EVIL DEAD apparel, head over to Fright-Rags today.