Remember when “creepy clown” sightings dominated news stations and Facebook feeds across America? Well, it turns out that a fella named Adam Krause was the catalyst that kicked a lot of that nonsense off. It was his promotional shots for the short film, GAGS, that first went vial and sparked the clowndemic of 2016. And while I’m sure most of us can agree that shit got way too ridiculous there for a while, there’s still something really fucking unsettling about a dude in a clown outfit sulking around public areas at night.

Krause soon realized that the character from his short film was resonating with people. Filmmakers sometimes try for years to illicit reactions from their audiences with varying degrees of success, and Krause seemingly stumbled upon something big overnight. He’d be a fool to let that go… and Adam Krause is no fool.

…Adam Krause is no fool.

After his short film racked up awards around the country, a deal was forged with Head Trauma Productions and The Film Line Co. to “turn the award-winning short into a feature-length film that delves deeper into who this mysterious clown is and how the city responds to his reign of terror”. Seems pretty cool. Right? Unfortunately, not much else is known about this one other than filming has wrapped and genre darling Lauren Ashley Carter is playing a role of some sort. I’ll definitely be digging into this one further over the next few weeks to see what I can dig up. But until then, check out the trailer for the original short film below:

In what has become a common headline across the globe, a mysterious individual has been dressing up like a clown and roaming the streets at night, capturing the attention of an entire city. Many write it off as a harmless prank but others aren’t so sure. That is, until one night when four different people cross paths with the clown everyone calls Gags and his true intentions are finally revealed.