Is 2018 is shaping up as the return of the revenge thriller? We already put Get My Gun on your radar as one of our top picks to watch this year, but we’re back to tell you why you should not miss this film. First-time horror filmmakers Jennifer Carchietta and Brian Darwas absolutely nail one of the best revenge films in years. Clearly fans of the genre, Carchietta and Darwas carefully construct a love-letter to revenge thrillers of yesteryear with a contemporary perspective.

…one of the best revenge films in years

Get My Gun has all of the grit and brutality of a 70’s exploitation film with none of the misogyny. That’s not to say the film, or the filmmakers, set out to be socially conscious. Instead, the film feels much more like the product of both female and male perspectives. More shocking than jumpscares, perhaps, but the film works without demonizing or canonizing either gender. Apparently, men and women can work together to make a film work.

Drawing on inspiration from storytellers like Tarantino, Get My Gun takes liberties with reality in an otherwise grounded story. While nitpickers can criticize and debate the required suspensions of disbelief, the contrast creates an entertaining experience. The realistic aspects draw the audience in to relate to the heroine. Meanwhile, the extreme gets the audience to empathize and actively root for her in the finale.

…all of the grit and brutality of a 70’s exploitation film with none of the misogyny

Carchietta and Darwas deliver a gritty, realistic aesthetic, most likely drawing on their past experience. As a team, they produced and directed numerous documentaries before taking on Get My Gun. This experience grounds their film in a reality that enhances the natural brutality of the story. Darwas also knows when to use a “show, don’t tell” approach. After the opening, seven dialogue-free minutes communicates everything about the main character that the audience needs to know. Similarly, the start of the second act silently conveys the consequences of, and passage of time since, the opening act.

…a love-letter to revenge thrillers with a contemporary perspective

In addition, Darwas gets superb performances from a trio of relatively unknown actresses. Kate Hoffman shines in the starring role, along with her supportive friend, Christy Casey. Meanwhile, Rosanne Rubino delivers a terrifyingly unhinged performance as one of the film’s antagonists. While none of these women show extensive acting experience, they all come across as seasoned veterans.

Overall, Get My Gun is the first of what are hopefully many genre films from Carchietta and Darwas, and many “can’t miss” events of 2018. Check it out as soon as you can.