When the subject line of your email is titled “Alien Death Fuck”, you best believe you have my full attention.  Turns out, that is one of the many Indiegogo perks available for backing a new web series coming from Norway titled THEY CAME.  The sci-fi horror comedy revolves around body-snatching aliens who have invaded earth and are spreading an extraterrestrial venereal disease.  Oh, and they’re turning men into incubators for their eggs.  It’s now up to two computer geeks, a couple of black metal heads, a female raver, and a doomsday prepper to save the earth.

Now if I were to stop there, you might not be interested.  The last thing we need is a group of amateurs trying to hobble together a slapstick comedy asking for your money.  And that’s where this gets interesting.  Director Thomas Lunde has teamed up once again with special-effects supervisor Steinar “Effektmakeren” Kaarstein (Dead Snow 1 & 2, ABCs of Death).  The pair had previously worked together on Lunde’s short film A(r)men, which will be included at the end of this post. Fans of Nordic film might also recognize editor Ove-Kenneth Nilsen (Max Manus: Man of War, Ragnarok)  Needless to say, these guys have enough talent to elevate any project, regardless of how insane the premise might be.

The Indiegogo campaign for THEY CAME is stacked with options for early access to the pilot, t-shirts, signed posters, branded condoms, and of course, the option to be fucked to death by an Alien in the pilot episode.  The campaign goal is $40,000, which is a steep price.  Luckily they have a flex goal, so the likelihood of this project seeing the light of day is very high.  They’ve priced the pilot episode out to cost $60,000 and hope to run a 10 episode series.  With such an over-the-top vision, the less studio involvement, the better for them creatively.