Every tidbit of news that leaks about the upcoming Blumhouse HALLOWEEN movie is lapped up by ravenous horror fans. For weeks, Jason Blum has been teasing fans on Twitter about when we would see a trailer. When he hinted at a June release, people were eager to see UPGRADE – another Blumhouse production –  in hopes the trailer for play before the movie. It, sadly, did not. Then, Blum tweeted the trailer would drop this Friday, which is news enough to hungry fans.

However, ahead of the trailer hitting the internet, stills from the set were also made available and if they don’t excite you, why are you even here? One is of a brooding Michael Myers outside (above). The other is of Laurie Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis) being attacked by Myers, his hand crashing through a padlocked door. The final still shows Myers chilling in a closet with a knife in his hand.

Check out the stills and be sure the return Friday. We’ll have the trailer for HALLOWEEN as soon as it’s made available.