If you had told the general public 10 years ago that their primary gaming devices might be their cell phones, you’d undoubtedly be met with an expression of pure bewilderment. Nevertheless, that’s the future that we live in. While console and PC gaming is as popular as ever, mobile gaming has emerged as a serious contender. These games are typically easy to sit down with for a minute or two before heading to your next engagement (be it your next meeting, or your next slice of pizza). And while the horror genre is not without its fair share of zombie shoot-em-up games or creepy exploration titles, I’m not sure we’ve been delivered what I consider to be a truly “mobile first” experience–but SLAYAWAY CAMP is just that.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve talked about the title here at MH, but it is the first time that we’re taking you for a spin. For what it’s worth, I’ve sunk hours and hours into the title over the last two months or so, and I can honestly say it’s my go-to game when I’m out and about and looking to burn some time. But don’t take my work for it, check out the video below for a peek into the first few levels of the game!!

If you’re worried that the game looks too primitive from the footage below, keep in mind that this only shows gameplay from the first few levels. As you progress further into the “franchise” by unlocking VHS sequels, new elements are added to make things progressively more challenging. I even found myself having to spend some of my coins (earned by getting perfect kills in mini games) for hints that would assist me through the puzzle. It’s kind of spectacular.

SLAYAWAY CAMP can currently be played (in limited form) through your web browser, but it’s far from the experience that you get with mobile. The team at Blue Wizard Digital is also conducting a beta test for Steam as well, so be sure to jump on that at their official site if interested.

Experience a new dimension of gut-blasting terror as an unspeakable killing force of skull-faced killing maims and kills his way through smart-mouthed, over-sexed, substance-abusing young adults. No teenager is safe… no law enforcement enforces the law enough… and no animals are harmed… in the summer horror blockbuster smash hit of 1984: SLAYAWAY CAMP