Headless has been one of the year’s greatest horror treats so far, and soon, many more will get to enjoy it as a VOD date has been announced. You’ll find it on Vimeo on July 17th.


For the unfamiliar, Headless is a spinoff of Found from Scott Schirmer and Todd Rigney. While it originated in Rigney’s Found novel, it was brought to head-penetrating life in Schirmer’s film, which Rigney co-wrote. In that movie, Headless was a 70s slasher rented and watched on VHS by a couple of its characters. It was an influence on Found’s killer.

Headless the feature film, which you’ll soon be able to watch on VOD, was created to be that 70s slasher, and it’s quite a bloody good time. There is no direct relationship to the plot of Found. It’s completely its own movie, though fans of Found are likely to appreciate it most given that context.

Headless is down and dirty, low-budget DIY that pulls no punches and virtually drenches you in gore. It does a wonderful job of maintaining the tone of the 70s films it emulates while managing to bring its own merit to the table and delivering just about everything you could want from a movie like this.

To borrow the tagline from Pieces, “It’s exactly what you think it is.”

In fact, Pieces would be a near-perfect double feature companion to Headless, so consider that when you’re debating whether or not to give it a look.

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Headless is directed by Arthur Cullipher and written by Nathan Erdel. Schirmer co-produces.