sci-fi steampunk gold

It feels weird having to promote something that got a nationwide theatrical release, yet here we are. But I won’t blame the viewers on this one. Prospect was in and out of cinemas back in November, in the wake of HalloweenSuspiria, and Overlord. But keep an eye on your favorite VoD platforms in 2019, because Prospect is pure sci-fi steampunk gold, earning a 7.5 out of 10 in my review, mostly on the strength of jaw-dropping cinematography and great performances.

Await Further Instructions

enigmatic, entertaining, and pure midnight madness

Check out the film MH co-founder, Luke Rodriguez, called “enigmatic, entertaining, and pure midnight madness” on his way to a 7.3 out of 10. Luke’s review highlights the wild-ass story and all-around fun that, ahem, awaits! In all seriousness, Await Further Instructions leans hard into an outlandish premise and will keep you guessing as to what direction it’s going to take next. Viewers are mixed on their reaction to the climax, but it’s filled with fun, old school practical effects that push the boundaries of its budgetary limitations. Available to watch right now on VoD.


micro budget love letter to giallo

Yes, I’ve put Psychotic! on some other lists, but it’s still worth highlighting since so few people have actually seen this movie. This micro budget love letter to giallo is one of 2018’s best slashers while commenting on hipster culture, gentrification, and social media obsession in a fun, playful way. It also features some of the best practical effects which, along with some great cinematography, earned it a 7 out of 10 in my review last year. Watch it now on Prime Video and VoD.


Hobo With A Shotgun meets Turbo Kid on the Fury Road

While we unfortunately missed out reviewing Molly, our own Anthony Alaniz called it ‘a supernatural sci-fi stunner’ while highlighting the ‘gorgeous and bright’ colors. Indeed, I sung it’s praises on social media as well, and it deserves every one. Brightly colored, stylized and immersive, with a grindhouse aesthetic, the overall feel is best described as Hobo With A Shotgun meets Turbo Kid on the Fury Road. The action culminates in a 35 minute, single-take action set piece that elevates an already entertaining film. Check it out on VoD and BluRay.

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