After premiering to a sold-out screening at the Canadian Film Fest back in March, Black Fawn Films’ THE HERETICS started to build up quite a name for itself. The only problem was… there wasn’t much to see outside of a few still images and a brief teaser trailer. Now here we are, almost 4 months later, and we finally have the official trailer for the film to share with you all. Director Chad Archibald had the following to say:

“This film has been a journey and we’re excited to finally be sharing it with audiences across the world. This trailer kicks off a slew of exciting announcements that will be coming in the next few weeks.”

We were lucky enough to lay eyes on the film already, and I came away feeling as if THE HERETICS is Archibald’s strongest showing to date. Our full review can be read here. I’m positive that we’ll have additional information in the near future–including when and where you can see the film for yourself–but until then, have a look at the official trailer below. It’s a doozy.

The Heretics follows a young girl, Gloria, who is abducted by a man. After he claims that a cult is hunting her, Gloria begins falling ill and begins to undergo a series of frightening transformations. We soon realize that the cult isn’t the only thing that she, or her captor, needs to fear.