Throwback films are certainly popular these days. Movies that pay homage to some of our fondest memories in cinema…no matter how ridiculous they may be. As you may have inferred from its mind-blowingly awesome title, Homicycle doesn’t exactly take itself seriously. Rest assured though, that’s a good thing…mostly.

The film follows a man that is (for some unknown reason) beaten to death by a gang of Canadian street thugs in front of his wife. These goons possess names like “Rat”, “Roach”, and “Chains”. They also appear to be lead by some sort of crime kingpin dressed as a pirate, or some sort of Whig Party member of olden times. It doesn’t make a lot of sense and isn’t explained in the least bit, but fuck it, Homicycle, right?! Anyways – the beaten man raises from the dead, finds a motorcycle, some sweet-ass black boots, and guns straight out of the nearest KB Toys bargain bin before setting off on his quest for revenge.

The performances range from acceptable to “I’m not sure that person know’s they’re in a movie”. Some of the fake accents and characters are actually pretty fun, and a few recurring gags help remind you that this is a super self-aware film. That being said, it’s not quite as ridiculous as I would have liked. With that title and backstory, you could really have some fun. That’s not to say that the filmmakers don’t make decent use of what they have, but I wanted more insanity. Some of the kills are great, but the best is certainly showcased in the trailer, and that’s disappointing. If I’m being honest, the film works better as a concept trailer. There are some great moments in Homicycle, but they are simply too few and far between. Scenes that have practically no meaning (such as an insanely long rock band scene, and an equally long beauty pageant of sorts) are stretched out for seemingly no reason other than to make the movie longer. I would have preferred that we cut all that nonsense out and have a shorter run time in order to keep things moving.

Trust me, the Modern Horrors crew did Homicycle the right way. We had beer, pizza, and sobering expectations. We laughed and cracked jokes about the ridiculousness of it all – as you should. But one thing in particular caught us all off guard – the intermission. This is another one of those “scenes” that runs far too long and serves no real purpose… but it’s magical. You get a collection of some of the cheesiest retro Drive-In commercials on earth, and I would almost recommend the movie based on these alone. We were dying. Granted, these weren’t created by the filmmakers behind Homicycle, but the timing and vibe is perfect.

If you’re a fan of these cheesy grindhouse-esque throwbacks, then Homicycle will probably be right up your alley. It’s shot on a shoestring budget, has god awful effects, and doesn’t make a lick of sense. In any other universe, these would be giant red flags, but it’s part of Homicycle’s charm. It absolutely is not for everyone. In fact, I’m not so sure it was for me, but this type of film is fun and serves as an awesome backdrop to a late night with friends. I’m not sure it was intended to be anything else. Just steer clear of the trailer if you want to have the best time.