Feel like exploring something called “Misao’s Curse“? We thought you might.

Playism, a leader in independent RPG games, is releasing an updated version of MISAO, a horror-adventure game created by Sen, the developer of the successful Mad Father game. This upgrade, titled MISAO: The Definitive Version, will be released October 25th on Playism and Steam.

If MISAO is anything like Mad Father, players should be prepared for plenty of mystery and an overall bloody good time. This new upgraded version of MISAO features improved graphics, more puzzles and additional content, and to get started, we’ve got the trailer for you below. Fans of old-school RPG games should be delighted.

Sit back, plug in and start your search for MISAO.

Her name is Misao. She was a classmate. Quiet, reclusive and bullied. Then she disappeared. Three months have passed; most of Misao’s classmates have started to think that she must be dead. However, when Misao disappeared, rumors started to spread throughout the school of unnatural phenomena. The children called it “Misao’s curse”… Misao’s classmates find themselves trapped in this strange curse. Are they able to find Misao before it is too late?