Creatures of the Dark, winner of film production company with the best name ever, has wrapped production on Director Marc Carreté’s new thriller, After the Lethargy. Produced exclusively with private investment dollars, this is the banner’s second genre-feature; following the previously showcased, Framed. What’s even cooler is how After the Lethargy‘s technical and artistic team was formed almost entirely by professionals born or living in Catalonia, Spain. Now, that’s the definition of keeping it local.

Part alien monster movie, part slasher, Carreté says his latest English-language thriller is “the story I wanted to tell, and the movie I wanted to shoot” adding, “There have been no conditions, beyond the budget of an indie film…but I’ve felt free to imagine and explain the story I had in mind“.

Modern Horrors teased this flick in 2016, but we wanted to share the news that production has wrapped. You can check out some creepy scenes from the film below, along with their new poster.

Until we update you again, watch the skies.

The script, written by Carreté, explains the adventures of a young journalist, fond of ufology during his visit to the vestiges of an old abandoned military zone in which supposedly, forty years ago, an episode of contact with aliens took place.