Lights Out. Babadook. Mama. You're in good company.

It was just announced that everyone’s favorite Deadite, Sam Raimi is throwing his weight behind Director Angel Gomez’ 2016 short film BEHIND. This will come as no surprise to genre fans since horror shorts have been a veritable goldmine of original stories, giving us such short-to-feature fare as OCULUS, MAMA, THE BABADOOK and LIGHTS OUT.

Known for such classics as THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD II and the Tobey Maguire SPIDER-MAN films, Raimi will be producing through his Ghost House Pictures. The short’s original director, Angel Gomez will take the helm for the feature.

The story centers around a nasty breakup where the husband threatens to take the daughter away from her mother, claiming she is “not fit” to raise her. Enter a Raimi-esque creepy old woman who “sees” an angry figure standing behind the mother and well, things get dark.

Modern Horrors will keep you updated on this one, but you can enjoy the original short film right now. But before you click that little play button, you may want to look behind you.