We’ve had our finger on Can Evrenol’s English-language feature HOUSEWIFE since last year. To say we’re a fan of his BASKIN is an understatement. We’ve reviewed it, with praise, and went deep into the mythology and meaning of BASKIN. Our excitement for HOUSEWIFE is justified, and it’s heightened by the fact RJLE Films have acquired the North American rights.

“We’re truly excited to bring HOUSEWIFE to audiences,” said RLJE Films. “HOUSEWIFE has been well-received by horror fans in Europe and North America at various film festivals and the word of mouth has been tremendous.”

HOUSEWIFE is a gorgeously aesthetic film that feels like EYES WIDE SHUT had a baby with the New French Extremity movement. HOUSEWIFE follows a woman with a tragic past who visits the “Umbrella of Love and Mind.” Things then get weird. You can check out the trailer below.