Technology run amok is common in horror movies. Technology as a boogeyman is nothing new, but the trope can get tiresome, especially when the technology turns outlandish. However, the trailer for HOVER, a new movie from SYFY Films, shows a possible not-so-distant future where AI and drones become a voyeuristic panacea for the surveillance state.

HOVER takes place in a future where there’s a massive food shortage. Drones are then used to maximize the yields on what land remains for farming. However, two care providers, who assist sick farmland inhabitants in ending their lives, find a connection between the health of their clients and the drove technology.

The movie features Cleopatra Coleman’s screenwriting debut. HOVER is directed by Matt Osterman, and stars Shane Coffey, Craig muMs Grant, Beth Grant, Fabianne Therese, and Rhonda Griffis.

HOVER gets a limited theatrical release June 29 with a VOD and Digital HD release July 3.