Writer/Director Justin Decloux and Producer Emily Milling have opened an Indiegogo campaign for their new feature, ‘Impossible Horror‘ at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/impossible-horror/.  You can catch the trailer for Decloux’s former feature, ‘Teddy Bomb‘ below.  He is also the host of a VHS themed screening group at Toronto’s Royal Cinema called ‘The Laser Blast Film Society‘.

The campaign will run until July 4, just before the film begins pre-production. Contributors will be treated to exclusive updates and behind the scenes footage during production. The campaign includes perks such as an exclusive Blu-Ray version of the film, soundtrack, T-shirts and an opportunity for funders to have their screams featured in the film.

Every night a scream rings out in the same neighbourhood. Two insomniac strangers, Lily the filmmaker and Hannah the game designer, head out together into the darkness to find the cause. Is it a psychotic killer claiming a new victim? A murderous ghost out for revenge? A flesh eating monster? All of the above with extra chainsaws? Before they know it, Lily and Hannah have gone from being the scream HUNTERS to the scream PREY and an evil force wants them dead. If they can both survive the night, they may just find the answers they’re looking for, but the price will have to be paid in sanity and blood.

Impossible Horror poster