There are a handful of young filmmakers that warrant my immediate attention when they drop a new film, and Fredrik S. Hana is on my short list. Works like Autumn Harvest and Sister Hell prove that the man is talented beyond his years and that he has the unique ability to channel that talent into ambitious and thought-provoking concepts–and you know we love those around here.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Hana and team would be moving in a slightly different direction with his latest short film, Rosalina. Supernatural elements are traded in favor of gritty realism, and while that may sound like a step backwards given Hana’s track record, I can assure you that this is his most tangible and relatable tale to date.

It’s Hana at his best, and I have a feeling he’s still just getting started. 

The familiar face of Oliver Hohlbrugger (Autumn Harvest, Sister Hell) returns for existing Hana fans with a predictably strong performance, but it’s Kristoffer Joner (The Wave, The Revenant) that steals the show with an intense, yet tragic performance. When your film revolves around two people in a singular location, they better bring it–and they do. As for Hana and crew, Rosalina wows with expert set design, gorgeous lighting, and brilliant cinematography all while weaving a mysterious and compelling narrative. It’s Hana at his best, and I have a feeling he’s still just getting started.

Rosalina will premiere at this year’s Fantastic Fest, but you get the first look right now by clicking the video below. We’ll update with additional screenings and availability as they become available.

Plot Synopsis:

In the wake of his massive and destructive 50th birthday party, Vinny, the head of a vast criminal empire, is visited by Hjalmar, his childhood friend and former partner in crime. What should have been a pleasant meeting is strained by the growing distance between the two men, and things take a dark turn when Vinny asks his visitor to perform one last simple favor.