In the realm of haunted houses, it doesn’t get much better than Netherworld located in Norcross, Georgia.  Known for their amazing special effects and make-up work, Netherworld has been sending its patrons screaming since 1997.  Since most of us are aware of what it’s like being a visitor to a haunted house, we wondered how different is it being on the other side of the screams?  Modern Horrors caught up with one of the Netherspawn, Joshua Rogers, to find out what life is like at Netherworld.

Modern Horrors:  So how did you end up in the haunting business?

Joshua Rogers:  I ended up in the haunt for a few different reasons.  The first is because I was attempting to become an extra on The Walking Dead.  Two men who regularly appear as walkers on the show told me I needed to work at a haunted house to see how makeup/FX are done and get some acting as different characters under my belt.  They recommended Netherworld.  I reconnected with an old family friend, Nathan Hamilton (works at Netherworld), right around the same time.  Having grown up around Atlanta, this was a job I always wanted to do when I turned 18.

MH:  You guys call yourself the Netherspawn.  How many Netherspawn does it take to put on a successful show every night?

JR:  I do not know for sure how many Netherspawn it takes to put on a successful show.  Friday and Saturday nights are packed!  We need a huge crew for the different positions in the two houses, as well as the lot monsters.  My best guess is a minimum 50 to get by, say Sunday through Thursday nights.  Friday and Saturday need at least 80 actors.

MH;  What’s your favorite part of working at Netherworld?

JR:  I love it all!  My co-workers are fantastic people!  I work as an operations (security) guy, as well as an actor.  I can’t think of negative thing about any of them in either department.  I especially enjoy people watching while working in the lot checking tickets, working the gate, etc.  Seeing the patrons screaming their lungs out running from the houses or lot monsters provides non-stop entertainment.  Working inside one of the two houses acting is great.  Seeing what the owners and their year-round staff do to make Netherworld run makes me appreciate and respect them.  It’s their passion.

MH:  Worse thing to happen to you while on the job?

JR:  My first night acting I was punched in the eye, elbowed in the mouth, and kicked in the right shin two times.  All of these hits were delivered by terrified teenage girls.  Not very glorious. Haha!

MH:  Most memorable scare?

JR:  I imagine it has to be from my first night acting when I caused a girl to piss herself. I still laugh on it.

MH:  What’s something the average guest may not realize about the haunted house they’re about to enter?

JR:  The average guest probably doesn’t realize Netherworld is ranked as the #2 haunt in the nation.  We have been featured on 6 different travel channels as a must-see destination.  Our poster character, The Collector, appeared on The Daily Show.  A few scenes from Zombieland were shot in our house.  A weird side note is that I am the only person at the haunt who doesn’t celebrate Halloween, due to religious reasons.  I don’t observe Christmas, Easter, or Chanukkah either.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Netherworld website.

*Note from Modern Horrors:  We regretfully learned of the passing of one of the Netherspawn.  We send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of James Herring.