When three delinquents, whose hobbies include B&E and larceny, go for the score of a lifetime by robbing a rich family in the hills, the trio quickly discovers that they’ve bitten off more than can chew in the survival gore-fest known as Monster Party.

While the aforementioned trio seems rather boring outside of their extracurricular activities, it’s the dinner guests in Monster Party that steal the show. The original three characters; Casper, Dodge, and Iris seem to fade into the background for a majority of the film. They are anything but extraordinary with Casper seeing the strongest arch of the bunch.

One of the most unique and unsung genre films of 2018

You’ll notice credible actors like Robin Tunney (The Craft) and Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) in the film, but every member does a truly tremendous job.  What may stand out the most; however, is the atmosphere of the home itself and the mysterious family life of those that inhabit it. Writer/director, Chris von Hoffman, provides Monster Party with ample personality and charm; painting a memorable viewing experience through unique shots and angles, colors and contrast, and tasteful and delightful gore. It’s almost reminiscent of a stage play; which given the roots of von Hoffman, makes me believe this was done by design. The score also also hammers home the wild tonal shifts throughout the action-packed evening.

Unique shots and angles, colors and contrast, and tasteful and delightful gore. 

Unfortunately, as entertaining as it all is, there simply isn’t much happening in terms of story. The reasoning behind why they’re attempting to rob the home is drastically overshadowed by the madness and chaos unfolding on screen. It becomes a forgettable sub plot. Luckily, the good outweighs the bad on this one.

Monster party is a thrill ride worth taking. If for no other reason than to allow the monster inside of us out– even just for a little while. Despite its faults, Monster Party has easily become one of the most unique and unsung genre films of 2018. It’s available on digital platforms right now as well as Blu-Ray and DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.