The found footage genre is a crowded one but every once in a while a new gem slips out of the sea of imitators.  Might Jack Smith’s new film, Infliction be that film?

Virgil Films & Entertainment announces the DVD, VOD, and Digital HD release of the controversial film “Infliction” available now in the U.S. and Canada. Produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Jack Thomas Smith, whose last feature film “Disorder” was released by Universal/Vivendi and Warner Brothers, “Infliction” is a dark and disturbing assembled footage film that documents two brothers’ 2011 murder spree in NC and the horrific truth behind their actions.

“Working on ‘Infliction’ left me troubled and haunted,” says Jack Thomas Smith. “It left me thinking about people’s actions or lack thereof and the inevitable domino effect. We all walk our own path in life, which shapes and defines us. What happens to us today, good or bad, will affect generations to come.”

“Infliction” is available at FYE stores,, iTunes, Amazon, Columbia House, Barnes & Noble, Family Video, CD Universe, Best Buy, Google Play, Cinema Now,
Vudu, Vimeo OnDemand, Netflix queue, and other online retailers.

Earlier this year, “Infliction” opened in select theaters across the country. Additional screenings have been scheduled this winter due to demand at the Macabre Faire Film Festival in Hauppauge, NY; Flemington, NJ; and the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta, GA.

“Infliction” is now being represented for international distribution by the foreign sales agency Cardinal XD and will be available at all of the major film markets around the world, including the Toronto Film Festival; the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA; Sundance; the Berlin Film Festival; and Cannes. 




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For more information about Infliction check out their official website as well.