Comedy standout Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Reno 911!) is crossing over to the dark side as he makes his feature-length directorial debut later this year. Truglio recently shared a passionate post regarding the film, titled Outpost, on the film’s Instagram profile stating the following:

“Films have always been a part of my DNA. Long before my life in comedy, I was enthralled by stories of terror and madness.I was riveted by the struggles of real people battling their own ghosts. Now, finding my voice as a writer/director, I’ve chosen to write and direct a psychological horror film. A genre for which I have the utmost respect.”

Sounds like he’s a big horror nerd just like the rest of us! Mainstream comedians like Jordan Peele, Bill Engvall, Danny Mcbride, and others have already made their case for being a part of the genre, and I expect for Truglio to do the same with Outpost.

In speaking with a producer of the film recently, I was told that it won’t offer much in terms of comedy and to expect a “full on horror film”. We’ll share more information as it becomes available, but until then, give them a follow on their official Instagram. Outpost is currently set to shoot this summer. Stoked!