LIke a spaceship in a Horror film, SyFy keeps rocketing forward towards strange and shocking destinations–hopefully with happy endings for us.

Continuing the beautiful trend of having science-fiction and horror at the same party, Universal Cable Productions has partnered with genre maestro John Carpenter, signing a deal to bring new content to the SyFy channel. Carpenter will develop under Storm King Productions with partner, Sandy King. The two of them have worked together for years, producing such Carpenter gems as They Live, John Carpenter’s Vampires and John Carpenter’s Body Bags. First up for SyFy will be two series, both of them based on previously released books and graphic novels.

Tales for a Halloween Night comes from Carpenter’s 2015 graphic novel of the same name. It gathers well-known and upcoming storytellers from movies, novels and comics for a collection of tales and artwork guaranteed to scare. Let’s hope it can do the same onscreen.

I’m a bit more excited about what Carpenter and SyFy can do with Nightside, the series of novels by prolific author Simon R. Green. Starting in 2003, Nightside is a 12-book series starring John Taylor, a kind of dark private detective who prowls the neon noir, otherworldly heart of London, where “it’s always three in the morning and where gods and monsters make deals and seek pleasures they won’t find anywhere else“. Sounds like present-day New Orleans after a few Hurricanes.

According to a press release, Carpenter is excited to “return to Universal where I have fond memories” and “step into the future with great new creative partners in programming“.

Modern Horrors agrees, John. You’ve been quiet too long. It’s about time somebody let you out of your house to haunt ours.