A good gluttonous Thanksgiving might be the most American of all the holidays. A time associated with preparing and hosting a large feast in your home also makes for a perfect time for a home invasion. To that end, DERELICTS posits this very circumstance. A well-off family must fend off a band of violent hobos on a bizarre Texas Chainsaw-style road trip.

A contemporary setting shot with a 70’s aesthetic, DERELICTS is the first feature-length film from director Brett Glassberg. Funded with a modest Kickstarter budget, the film features a relatively unknown cast, including Dalton Allen, Emily Ammon, Les Best, and Kelly Dealyn. A relative newcomer himself, Glassberg is probably best known for directing the “M” segment of The ABC’s of Death 2.5.

DERELICTS premiered at Telluride Horror Show in 2017, and was selected for the 2018 Silver Scream Festival in Santa Rosa, CA. Stay tuned to Modern Horrors as distribution and release details become available. In the meantime, fire up the trailer and look forward to a potential new Thanksgiving Day tradition.

DERELICTS follows a group of homeless miscreants who lay siege on an upper-middle class family’s home on Thanksgiving, bringing out the ugliness inside everyone as they teach the family all about the spirit of Thanksgiving.