We received word a while back that Freeestyle Digital Media had acquired Killer Kate! for a limited theatrical and VOD release this fall. At the time, there wasn’t much more to go on than a few stills and a release date–so we held off. Now it’s time to share the news as Freestyle has released a debut trailer that has us salivating for more.

Killer Kate! looks like a bloody riot–literally.

The film is said to be a love letter to the early films of John Carpenter; a comparison that applies not only to the film’s tone but to its 80s synth score as well. Writer/director Elliot Feld appears to take the “group of girls in an isolated location stalked by psychos” scenario and dump it on its head with strong female leads dishing out major damage to their attackers. It looks like a bloody riot–literally.

Check out the debut trailer below, and look out for Killer Kate! in limited theaters and digital platforms on October 26th.

Plot Synopsis

Estranged sisters – Kate and Angie – haven’t spoken since Angie went to college and left Kate to care for their ailing father. In a show of reconciliation, several years after moving out, Angie invites Kate to her bachelorette party held at a remote house booked on a home-sharing app. The women are unaware that by booking this house, they’re walking into a trap set in motion by a disturbed family of amateur killers who are out for blood to right a cosmic wrong. They soon become unwitting participants in a savage and often ridiculous life-or-death struggle that pits family against family, and past against present.