John Krasinski’s A QUIET PLACE is getting rave reviews – we gave the film a nearly perfect score in our review. It’s no surprise that Krasinski is going back behind the camera so soon, this time with sci-fi thriller called LIFE ON MARS.

The movie is based on Cecil Castellucci’s “We Have Always Lived on Mars,” a short story about a woman, long abandoned on the planet, who discovers she can breathe on the Martian planet.

The movie, brought to Platinum Dunes by Krasinski, doesn’t have a screenwriter attached just yet. Krasinski doesn’t plan to star in the film, instead of acting he will also produce the project. Allyson Seeger will also produce. Considering the thoughtfulness Krasinski put into A QUIET PLACE; you’re right to be excited for LIFE ON MARS.

Nina, one of the few descendants of a human colony on Mars that was abandoned by Earth, is surprised to discover that she can breathe the toxic atmosphere of the Martian surface. The crew, thinking that their attempts at terraforming and breeding for Martian adaptability have finally paid off, rejoice at the prospect of a brighter future. But Nina’s about to unlock the mystery of the disaster that stranded them on Mars…and nothing will ever be the same.