Three years after debuting possession horror Asmodexia, writer/director Marc Carreté returns with English-language alien-in-the-woods monster movie.  The concept teaser debuted at the Sitges International Film Festival under their Coming Soon section last week, and now we have that teaser for you, below.

The film is the second under Carreté’s Creatures of the Dark production label, created with the intention of producing horror movies.  After the Lethargy will begin shooting in March 2017 with a mostly American cast. While the rest of the cast isn’t yet in place, Mark Schardan and Nikol Kollars, both featured in the concept-teaser, will return for the feature.

After a series of macabre events, police confirmed the presence of a Code 86 in the forests of National Park. Research and circumstances surrounding the case, suggest that a beast of unknown origin could have awakened from its lethargy.

Lone, Abandoned and Derelict House in Field with Overcast Sky