In case you weren’t aware, this Friday is 4/20. If you’re not already too busy blazing up and staring at the green moon, theatrical stoner-slasher experiences are available on both coasts! On the East Coast, check out Psychotic! (Review), featuring brilliantly layered commentary and stoner-comedy horror from writers Derek Gibbons and Maxwell Frey. On the West Coast, you have a chance to see the stoner-holiday themed slasher comedy 4/20 Massacre (Review), the debut horror film from Dylan Reynolds delivering great laughs and creative kills. Available details and trailers are below. Get lit and get ready to escape a serial killer or two!

The producers are advertising a FREE screening starting at 7 PM at the Cobra Club in Brooklyn. Details are a little slim, but the Cobra Club is advertised as a combination bar/coffee shop/yoga studio. Sounds perfect for hipsters, so check it out … at your own risk!

Going down at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts, a $10 cover charge gets you admission to the film, live music from Sleeping Wolf, and an open bar. In addition, event promoters are also planning on passing out “special” gift bags. Doors open at 8 PM.