We wrote a little something earlier in the week to give you a look at Matt Jackson’s Love in the Time of Monsters. It seemed fun, perhaps even a little cheesy. I would have never imagined that I would enjoy my time with the film as much as I did. I keep on saying that I’m not a fan of the Horror/Comedy mash up…but films like Love in the Time of Monsters are making that a hard statement to stand by.

We follow sisters Marla and Carla as they travel to a remote tourist destination in order to surprise Carla’s boyfriend. He works as a Bigfoot at Uncle Slavko’s All American Lodge.He is one of many Bigfoot impersonators that falls into a toxic swamp – leaving them all with a taste for blood. It’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. Luckily, it ridiculous in a good way. I sort of saw that coming from the trailer alone, but I was still conflicted. I mean, you can’t expect to much from this subject matter. Right? Well….you might be surprised.

IMDB reports the film to have an estimated $500,000 budget. That’s peanuts. That said, I am absolutely blown away at the production quality that this film shows. The trailer does not even come close to doing it justice. I see a LOT of indie flicks, and it is a very real challenge to overcome the obstacles inherent with taking on a project like this. Matt Jackson is an extremely talented guy, and it shows. The success doesn’t rest solely on his shoulders though. The cast is fantastic from top to bottom. The writing? Also fantastic. There is a relatively large cast of characters and they all feel unique and likable. Kane Hodder is FUNNY. Who knew?! The dialogue is natural and makes sense….I could go on and on.

So we’ve covered that it’s well written, well acted, and certainly looks better than half a million bucks….but what does it have to offer horror fans? That’s easy. There are a ton of goddamn Bigfoots walking around, the gore is top notch and absolutely relentless, and there are very few CG effects involved. There are some reeaaalllyy cool (and funny) practical effects at play here. While it is by no means a “scary” movie, there is plenty for horror fans of all walks to love.

Love in the Time of Monsters is a genuinely funny and blood splattered film for the ages. That may sound a bit excessive, but I assure you  – it’s not. You don’t have to take my word for it, look around. It has gathered nearly universal praise from those who have given it the time. It’s even creeping up the iTunes charts. These aren’t generally things I look at or pay attention to, but this could easily end up being a “sleeper” of a classic.

Love in the Time of Monsters is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes, Google Play, and nearly every other VOD platform in existence. There’s no excuse. Put this one on your list and prepare to have a blast.