Take the woods, excellent cinematography, a young couple on vacation and some not-so-savory characters, and you have the essential ingredients for a horror movie, which is what MAUS looks like on the surface. But boy is there something lurking underneath.

This is a great trailer because it doesn’t give much away. There are no extended scenes where plot points are given away free of charge. There’s running, crying and some alien-looking creature breaking a guy’s neck.

MAUS has been making its festival rounds, so there isn’t a release date just yet. However, the movie, we’re optimistic about Yayo Herrero’s latest project given the polish presented in the trailer.

Alec and Sasa are a couple in love on a trip to the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina. When their car breaks down in the middle of the forest, they decide to look for help at a nearby village. During the trip, Sasa—a Muslim survivor from the Balkan War—feels the presence of a mysterious force that seems to be chasing them. Alec, her naive and young European boyfriend, tries to make her forget the feeling. But Sasa holds onto her thoughts and her amulet, which causes the emergence of the mysterious force.