Alright alright. What we have ourselves here is a legitimate A-list star in a Stephen King adaptation. It seems as if we haven’t had a solid Stephen King movie since Misery.  With McConaughey set to star in The Stand, we may be looking to break that dry spell.

The Stand is basically the horror genre’s War and Peace.  It goes on forever.  However, it does have a very memorable villain in Randall Flagg. Lucky for us, that’s the role McConaughey is set to play.  We may be set for some legitimate Hollywood quality here. The project is backed by Warner Bros. and is being directed by Josh Boone who recently had universal success with The Fault in Our Stars. It is set to be shot in four full-length features.

McConaughey is at the pinnacle of his career right now. He is coming off of a ‘Best Actor’ Oscar win for The Dallas Buyer’s Club, starring in Christopher Nolan’s current box office king, Interstellar, and the absolutely phenomenal True Detective. Also, let us not forget he starred in 1994’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. #neverforget. With James Wan coming back to direct  The Conjuring 2, and now this, we are beginning to see a trend of superstars coming back to their horror roots, and I’m actually optimistic about a Stephen King movie once again.