Sometimes, a trailer comes around that you only have to watch once. Viewing it any more than that feels perverse – voyeuristic. These are rare specimens, maybe a once-a-year occasion. But when it does happen, it causes a fixation – a gnawing desire to watch the full movie right now regardless of duties. Well, it appears such an event has occurred with MEMENTO MORI – a Belgian film that looks downright bloody bonkers.

MEMENTO MORI follows a teenage girl stuck in a coma, dreaming over and over again the key moments of a traumatic event that happened during a pool party. You don’t need to know much more than that. The trailer can do most of the talking – and it does so without giving the goods for free.

The soundtrack is a thumping techno buzz that digs into your eardrums while the dark, colorful, contrasting visuals stun the eyes. There’s blood, sex, a mysterious, death-like figure, and a mission friend. Memento Mori’ is Latin for “remember to die,” which is the negative counterpart to “Carpe Diem,” – “Seize the day.” 

MEMENTO MORI is written and directed by Michaël Vermaercke, who won first prize at the International Vampire Film Festival in Transylvania in 2016 for his short film THE DISTURBER. 

MEMENTO MORI does not have a U.S. release date.

Memento Mori is about a girl who’s stuck in a dream circle, reliving key moments of a traumatic event. What happened to her? And will she survive this nightmare before time runs out?