Something growling this way comes.

Anyone who knows me knows I dig when Horror and Sci-Fi cross paths. For Season 4 of Netflix’ BLACK MIRROR series, it seems at least one of those episodes will do just that.

Directed by David Slade, well known for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, HARD CANDY and television’s Hannibal and American Gods, the episode, Metalhead seems to hint at some form of futuristic security animal hell-bent on doing its bloody job.

I’ve lost it for now. But my guess is it’s still operational.

If you’re not watching BLACK MIRROR, get started. The series is essentially a darker, updated version of The Twilight Zone with great writing, acting and directing from some major names, including Jodie Foster, Bryce Dallas Howard and Rashida Jones. All three previous seasons are available on Netflix.

Through gorgeously shot one-hour episodes, the show comments on humanity, technology and our inescapable connection to it. Some of these chilling episodes and will have you thinking about your own life and how the dark side of tech influences it, and the lives of those your love. Metalhead is just one of a handful of BLACK MIRROR trailers recently unleashed to the public.

Netflix has not announced a release date for season four of BLACK MIRROR, but we’ll keep you updated.

Until then, we’re all in the dog house.