As we mentioned on the last podcast, a new indie game just launched: The Mind’s Eclipse. The game’s creators include the handsomely bearded storyteller, Donald Campbell. In fact, all four male team members sport some fabulous facial fur (something we’re particularly partial to here at Modern Horrors). But we’re not sexist … the development team also features four awesome ladies to balance out the chromosome factor, just sans beards.

The team describes their game as a science-fiction visual novel. In a stark contrast to modern, graphics-heavy games, The Mind’s Eclipse stands out with beautifully hand-drawn black and white scenes. With disturbing situations confronting players with concepts of morality and technology, it feels very much like an interactive Sci-Fi/Noir graphic novel. A tense soundtrack, evocative of constant mystery and danger, underscores the gorgeously disturbing imagery.

The Mind’s Eclipse is currently available for purchase on Steam, along with an art book and some other downloadable goodies.

The CORE, a private research station, 2352. A celebrity scientist must rely on a mysterious companion to help him find his loved ones in the ruins of a fallen utopia. The Mind’s Eclipse is a science-fiction tale featuring beautiful hand-drawn scenes & emotional narrative-driven gameplay.