Each and every year (all two of them), the Modern Horrors staff comes together to vote on our Year End Awards as a team. The rules are simple:

  1. Anyone can nominate a film
  2. No one can vote on a category unless they have seen all nominees
  3. Winners are selected through anonymous voting polls through our group chat platform (https://www.flock.co/)

While this system is almost certain to leave some staff members’ favorite films in the dark, it’s perfect for selecting the majority favorite. So let’s get to it! Here are the winners for the 3rd annual Modern Horrors Year End Awards!

Visual Effects of the Year: THE MIND’S EYE


Musical Composition of the Year: THE GREASY STRANGLER

Story of the Year: I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER

Horror Comedy of the Year: THE GREASY STRANGLER

Found Footage/ POV of the Year: THE GOOD NEIGHBOR

Home Invasion of the Year: DON’T BREATHE

Scare of the Year: UNDER THE SHADOW (Hand Through Window)

Male Performance of the Year: ANTON YELCHIN

Female Performance of the Year: NARGES RASHIDI

Director of the Year: DAN TRACHTENBERG

Film of the Year: GREEN ROOM

That’s it! I’m sure this will prove to be a divisive list for many. Just know that some categories were extremely tight and were packed full of competition. Stay tuned for the staff’s individual Top 5 of 2016 picks!