Happy Halloween from Modern Horrors and DimeStore Films!

With Halloween less than 24 hours away, we figured now was the perfect time to share some spooky treats of our own. Starting today at 10:00AM CST, our new exclusive podcast No Better Lot will be available on podcast platforms everywhere. By the time you read this, there’s a good chance you can start listening!

We’re starting out by premiering the first two episodes today. Future episodes will be released each and every Wednesday until the series finale on November 25th. This show is unlike anything we’ve attempted before, so if you enjoy it and would like to see more like it, share on social media (or by good old-fashioned word of mouth) to everyone you can.

Now prepare to get weird… and enjoy.

The surreal, noir tale of an ex private eye sent to find out how people are escaping a small, rural outpost in an unknown town.