It’s Wednesday, which means we’re back to audibly assault you with the best news, reviews, and whatever other gibberish we can think up! So let’s take a look at what we’ve got for you this week.

INSIDIOUS; CHAPTER 4 is getting bumped from its original October release date. DARK SIGNAL trailer has us very excited. Even though we can’t quite explain it, BUTCHER THE BAKERS is hilariously. We also give some quick updates on FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME, THE PREDATOR, X FILES, a LABYRINTH sequel, and SMART HOUSE.

For our movie review, we check out INNER DEMON from Terror Films. Both Luke and Jacob give definitive answers on whether this one is worth your time. Finally, we decide to round out this episode with a little free-form conversation. We cover topics from the state of MH, YouTube, life-changing movies, and a whole lot more. If you like that style, let us know and we’ll incorporate it from time to time.

You’re getting all of that, and so much more on episode 102 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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